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Capacitors – Meaning, Properties, And Applications

Capacitors are one the most frequently used passive electronic component. They are found in many devices and are two-terminal components formed with two metal plates having an insulating dielectric in between. Capacities store energy by holding apart pairs of opposite charges. Their effect is called capacitance.  They are available in various shapes and sizes. Being a trusted wholesale Panasonic capacitor supplier, we at Express Technology Group, offer the best quality capacitors.  

Properties of capacitors  

Capacitors have many properties including:  


It is the most important property of capacitors. It determines the ability to store electrical energy at a certain voltage. Capacitance can be increased and decreased as per usage. For increasing the capacitance, the effective area of the electrodes is increased and it decreases the separation between the electrodes. Insulation is increased by using dielectric with better dipole formation.  

Working voltage  

The second property of capacitors on our list is working voltage. It is the DC or AC which is applied during the entire lifespan of the capacitor and works without any damage.  


Another property of the capacitor is tolerance. It is the limit to which the capacitance is allowed to differ from the nominal value. It is represented by plus or minus. 

Leakage current, working temperature, and polarization  

The small amount of current leaks through the dielectric and is termed the leakage current. Working temperature refers to the change in the surrounding temperature of the capacitor that affects its capacitance. Polarization is all about the correct polarity of the voltage connected to the capacitor terminals.  

Applications of capacitors  

Capacitors are used in electrical circuits. Every circuit has its own needs and capacitors of large and small value ranges are used. It is ensured that the most suitable capacitor s used so that the circuit can operate effectively. We are wholesale Panasonic capacitor suppliers offering obsolete hard-to-find, active capacitors.  

Energy storage  

One of the primary applications of capacitors is energy storage. It stores energy when gets connected to the circuit and consumes it even when there is no connection. Capacitors regulate and control the power supply in batteries when they are updated and keep the volatile memory secure.  

Power conditioning  

Another application of capacitors is power conditioning. It makes the pace of complete or half wave rectifier easier and assists in charging pump circles by generating higher voltage and helping in storing energy elements. They work as a temporary store for the direct current (DC) and bypass the alternative current (AC) from the power source.  

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Tariffs, The Silent Killer!

Section301 Tariffs
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People say “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger” but 25% price increase in components pricing can certainly affect any company from OEMs to CEMs, and definitely Distributors!

On June 15, 2018, the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) announced its intent to impose additional tariffs on products imported from China pursuant to Section 301 of the Trade Act of 1974.

So what to do?  And most importantly, how can we help?

First, identify the commodities that are being affected. Information available here:


Once you have identified the parts that fall under this unscrupulous government directive, send us the part number along with your EAU and immediate requirement. We will then provide you a tariff free quote and we can schedule your order accordingly!

In times like this we must work together to reestablish equilibrium in your supply chain.

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IDT integrated circuit wholesale suppliers

All You Need To Know About IDT ICs

To discuss about integrated circuits, let us briefly describe what these are, its history and what they are applied in/for. So, basically, defining IC, it is a minuscular electronic circuit arrangement which is formed by the assembly of different kinds of electrical and electronic machineries like resistors, transistors and more, on a silicon wafer which are used to accomplish operations that are comparable to the large distinct electronic circuits which are made up of distinct electronic mechanisms.

Thee complicated electronic machineries were becoming a stumbling block to the people and their work had become fairly tedious and they needed something that would give them relief. In the year, 1958; Jack Kilby and Robert Noyce invented their respective varieties of Integrated Circuits.

Types of Integrated Circuits

  • Digital ICs- They comprise of more than a million of flip-flops, logic gates and so on and so forth which are all incorporated in a single chip. Eg. Microprocessors as well as microcontrollers.
  • Analog ICs- These work confronting continuing signals and are proficient of performing the tasks of filtering, amplifying, demodulation along with modulation. Eg. Sensors.
  • Mixed Signal ICs- These are formed by using Digital and Analog ICs on one single chip.


There are many a Wholesale Integrated Circuit distributor which enable you to make use of the IC’s. But then question arises, what or how are these implements used or applied? The following are a few of the applications of ICs:

  1. Radar
  2. Wristwatches
  3. TVs
  4. Juicemakers
  5. PC etc.

What is Integrated Device Technology (IDT)?

This is an American corporation that is based in San Jose, California. The company designs, produces as well as markets mixed signal semiconductor products which are low-power yet high-performance that are used for innovative consumer, computing as well as communications industries. The company was founded in 1980 and due to its specialization in a variety of ICs, it has become more of a brand than a company abbreviated as IDT.

Some of its IC products are as follows:

  • IDT54/74FCT162511AT/CT: The high-speed and low-power transceiver that combines latches of D-Type as well as D-type flip-flops which enables data to flow in three modes, namely; transparent, latched and clocked modes. Moreover, the device consists of a parity generator in A-to-B direction as well as B-to-A direction. The Parity error flags are permitted by the OExx control pans that allows the designer to incapacitate the error flag while combinational transition.
  • IDT54/74FCT162244T/AT/CT/ET: They have a flow through the organization of its pins and to make packaging shrink to simplify board layout. Its tri-state controls permit self-governing 4,8 or 16 bits operation.

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Connect with the Leading Rabbit Semiconductor, Microcontroller and Electronic Microcontroller Wholesale Supplier for your Business

Electronic components play a crucial role in the manufacturing and functioning of electronic goods. Whether we talk about military equipment or consumer goods, electronic components are used in almost every industry. High quality components not only improve performance abut also add to the durability of the gadgets.
On the other hand, faulty or inferior quality electronic components can cause malfunction of the product and even stop its working at early stages. So, if you want your device to have high performance and durability then you must choose superior quality electronic components from a reliable supplier.
Our list of electronic components is extensive; however, We have discussed few of them in brief here.
Resistor: – A two-terminal passive electronic component which is used to limit or oppose the current. They come in two categories – fixed resistor and variable resistor.
Capacitors: – This component is made of two conductive plates with an insulator between them. It is capable of storing electrical energy in the form of electric field.
Diodes: – A device which is usually made of the semiconductor material and allows the current to flow in one direction. Diodes have two terminals i.e. anode and cathode.
Microcontrollers:- Also known as an embedded controller, a microcontroller is a single chip microcomputer made through VLSI fabrication. It supports the circuits that are often built into or embedded in the electronic devices they control.
Express Technology Group – Leading supplier of electronic components
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Electronically Operated Relays & Their Types

A relay is an electronically operated switch that is used to control an electronic circuit by a separate low-power signal. Relays use an electromagnet to mechanically operate a switch which is either breaking or making electric circuits by their output section. A large number of relays used in electrical applications where one electric circuit is being energized by the presence of a specific voltage that is actually provided by another circuit.

Types of relays

Some of the common used relays in various industrial applications are signal relays, PCB power relays, solid state relays, and automotive relays.

  1. Signal relays

Signal relays are used for low level current switching, often below 2 ampere but up to 40 ampere. Communications, AC control, security, measurement & control equipment, automotive devices, and audio visual devices are some of applications of signal relays. Stable contact resistance, Form C contact arrangement, and a fully sealed construction, are some of the characteristics of single relays.

  1. Solid State Relays (SSR)

Commonly known as SSR, this relay is electronic switch with no moving parts and that has the same use as an electromechanical relay. It consists of a sensor that responds to a control signal, a coupling mechanism and solid state electronic switching devices. The offered SSR is used for switching power to load circuitry.

  1. Automotive Relays

Automotive relays are used to enable a low amperage circuit to switch a higher amperage circuit on or off. These relays allows item to switch at the same time by using a single output.

  1. PCB power relays

It uses an electromagnetic coil to close or open a circuit. Some of the common applications of power relays are automotive electronics, audio amplification, telephone systems, home appliances, and vending machines.

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