Know About Some Of The Prominent Electronic Components And Their Uses

Any complex electronic machinery is made by combining the right electronic components in a synchronized manner. These components are the sole basis of many gadgets and items that are used for personal and business purposes. Electronic components are generally divided into two categories, active and passive. Top electronic components distributors and web stores of ours named Express Technology Group have both categories of electronic components.

What are the prominent electronic components?

Every electronic component has its own importance in a system. However, certain components are essential and are common in most of the electronic items which are used by us daily. Let us have a close look at these items and how they are used.

  1. Motor – A motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy and is an inseparable part of most electronic items. It contains a stator, a conduit box, an eyebolt, a rotor, bearings, and an enclosure.
  2. Relays – Relays are electromechanical switches that are used to control a circuit. They use low-power signals and contain armature, spring, electromagnet, and various contacts.
  3. Battery – Next on the list are electrochemical cells which utilize the electrochemical reaction and cause electrons to flow. They store electrical potential energy and are of two types- rechargeable and non-rechargeable.
  4. Wires – None of us can imagine complex or simple electrical structures without data cables. The power cables connect a device to the source of power. A cable comes with three main components called conductor, sheath, and dielectric.
  5. Transformers – Transformers change the levels of AC with the help of mutual induction. They are also responsible for the conversion of power between the circuits when there is a change in voltage levels in a way through which frequency is not affected.
  6. Switch – This component is responsible for breaking the current and passing it to the subsequent conductors. Rocker switches, Slide switches, Pushbutton switches, and Rotary switches.
  7. Fuse – Fuse protects the electronic items from getting damaged whenever there is any uneven flow in the circuit. If some hazard is suspected, the fuse wire immediately gets heated up and is damaged. It prevents the current from flowing and is made using ally, copper, zinc, and aluminum.
  8. Circuit Breaker – A circuit breaker prevents the electronic device from getting damaged in case of short circuits. It is constructed in such a manner that it reads a faulty situation and hampers the flow of harmful current.
  9. Integrated Circuit – They combine different electrical components and are frequently used to avoid using too many single capacitors.
  10. Inductors – Also called filters, they are the wire coils that surround different components in an electronic system.
  11. Transistors – Often termed as switches, transistors are a bit different and advanced. These are not operated manually. The current flow inside the transistors determines the output state of the device.
  12. Diodes – Diodes such as the light emitting diodes keep an eye on the output voltage and make aware of the circuit various light indications. Some diodes can emit lights of three different colors at once.
  13. Capacitors – Capacitors divert the flow of direct currents and allow alternating currents to flow through them. They also store some amount of charge in them, their main aim is to stabilize circuits.
  14. Resistors – Resistors do not allow the flow of current on one side and determine the exact amount of electricity flow required for a specific situation. In the absence of resistors, the device gets overloaded and burns out completely.


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